Exploring the Options for Truss Rentals in Stage Design

A vibrant and diverse cityscape photography display with a bustling atmosphere.

Creating the perfect stage design is a puzzle many event organizers are keen to solve. Enter truss displays, a versatile and sturdy option for modern event setups. This post will guide you through the various truss rental options that can elevate your special occasion’s aesthetic appeal.

Dive in and discover how to transform any space into an event masterpiece!

Key Takeaways

  • Truss displays are used to support lights, sound systems, and equipment on stage. They can be shaped into arches or other designs to enhance the event’s look.
  • Different truss options like Orbital and Double – Deck offer unique benefits for events. Lighting, such as LED pars and gobos, can highlight these structures.
  • Renting trusses can be cost-effective for one-time use without worrying about storage or maintenance. Buying is better for regular use despite higher initial costs.
  • The right truss depends on the venue size, event type, weight needs, setup time, lighting requirements, design vision, budget constraints, and transport/storage capabilities.
  • Professional setup and teardown are often included with rentals. When buying trusses you may need a crew which adds to expenses.

Understanding Truss Displays in Stage Design

A grand stage with diverse performers and vibrant truss displays.

Truss displays are vital for event design, especially on stage. These strong metal frames support lights, sound systems, and other equipment for shows and trade events. Think of truss as the skeleton that holds everything together – from bright spotlights to booming speakers.

Using trusses can transform a space and create custom shapes or arches. For example, with a Truss Spandex Splat system, you mix sturdy scaffolding with flexible fabrics like Lycra or fire-retardant Spandex.

This combination makes modern stages look sleek and professional.

Designers often use lighting to highlight these structures. They might decide on LED pars or gobos with an ellipsoidal spotlight to shine through the fabric. The effect can be striking! Effective truss setups turn stages into visual spectacles that impress at corporate events or fashion shows in places like Daytona Beach or New Smyrna Beach.

Options for Truss Rentals

A dynamic stage with truss configurations lighting up a live event.

When it comes to truss rentals, the diversity is as vast as the creativity of your stage design. From sleek orbital configurations that add a futuristic touch to robust double-deck structures for an imposing presence, understanding these options can elevate your event whether it’s an intimate special occasion or a bustling trade show.

Orbital Truss

A sleek event setup with an orbital truss and audiovisual equipment.

Orbital truss systems make your stage design stand out at any event. They are circular metal frames that support lights, screens, and other equipment in a sleek, modern way. This type of truss can become the centerpiece for trade shows or special occasions, grabbing attention from all angles.

You can hang audiovisual equipment from an orbital truss to enhance your presentation. LED pars often light up these structures, offering a vivid display without a lot of heat. For an even cooler effect, combine an orbital truss with the Truss Spandex Splat system and gobo lights to wow your audience!

Double-Deck Truss

An empty double-deck truss structure at a bustling trade show.

Double-deck truss systems bring your stage design to new heights, literally. They create an impressive two-level structure that stands out at any event. Imagine a professional, sleek look that also includes a private area where you can meet with clients away from the busy trade show floor.

These trusses support this kind of setup perfectly.

Before choosing a double-deck truss for your next event, think about what you need it to do. Make sure it can handle the weight of your displays and aligns with your company’s goals.

The right double-deck truss becomes more than just part of the background; it turns into a powerful marketing tool that showcases your brand’s presence in Volusia County or anywhere else your business takes you.

With expert design and consultation available from modern event rental services, getting the perfect custom truss arches is easier than ever.

Advantages of Using Truss Arches in Stage Design

A diverse group of performers on stage with truss arch set up.

Truss arches create eye-catching stages. They come in many shapes and sizes, letting you match them to any event theme or space. You can use these strong structures to hang lights, speakers, and screens.

This setup turns a simple stage into a professional showplace.

Versatility is key with truss arches—they adapt to grand entrances or become the main attraction for exhibits. Their strength means they last long and can hold heavy audio visual equipment safely.

Customize trusses easily with banners or lighting for a unique look every time!

Selecting the Right Truss for Your Stage

A dynamic concert stage with a bustling atmosphere and diverse performers.

Choosing the right truss for your stage is crucial. It affects how your event looks and feels. Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Size of the venue: Bigger spaces may need larger truss systems like double-deck trusses to make a bold impact.
  • Type of event: A concert might call for a dynamic orbital truss, while a trade show could benefit from versatile and expandable truss displays.
  • Weight requirements: Check how much weight you plan to hang from your trusses; lighting equipment and banners add up quickly.
  • Set-up time: If you’re on a tight schedule, go for easy-to-assemble options like the Truss Spandex Splat system.
  • Lighting needs: Opt for white fabric on your trusses to catch light better; LED lighting is great for vibrant colors and energy savings.
  • Event design: Imagine how each type of truss will change the space; arches create grand entrances, while towers can frame screens or signage.
  • Budget: Renting can save money upfront compared to buying; think about how often you’ll use the trusses in the future.
  • Transport and storage: Consider if you have space to store or a way to transport large structures. Some truss displays are lightweight and portable.

Renting vs. Buying Truss Displays

A trade show booth with rented truss displays showcasing flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Deciding whether to rent or buy truss displays can be pivotal for stage design budgeting and planning. Here’s a comparative look at the two options laid out in a straightforward table:

Renting Truss DisplaysBuying Truss Displays
Cost-effective for one-time or infrequent useInitial investment is higher, suitable for regular use
No maintenance or storage concernsOngoing maintenance and storage required
Flexibility to change designs for different eventsConsistent setup for a uniform look across events
Rental fees can accumulate, potentially matching purchase cost over timeLong-term savings after initial purchase
Simple Truss Spandex Splat system rental costs range from $750 to $1500Long-term investment; costs vary widely based on complexity and quality
Often includes professional setup and teardownRequires self-setup or hiring a crew, adding to the expense
Updated technology and designs are readily availableTechnology may become outdated, requiring additional investments
Limited liability for damage or wearResponsible for any damage or necessary repairs

Both options carry weight depending on frequency of events and financial strategy. Renting might reign for occasional use, while purchasing could pay off for those with a packed event schedule. Consider lighting, as LED pars are mainly recommended, and gobos can add a creative touch. Remember, judicious selection between renting and buying truss displays will significantly influence the stage’s visual impact and the event’s overall success.


A dynamic stage with aerial photography featuring diverse performers and outfits.

Choosing the perfect truss rental can elevate your event to the next level. With options like Orbital Truss and Double-Deck Truss, you can create a stunning stage that stands out. Remember, white fabric works best with lighting to make your stage shine.

Whether you rent or buy, ensure it fits your budget and style. Make your next event unforgettable with the right truss design!

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