The Best Stage Platform Rental for Your Next Event

A great event deserves the best stage platform rental. Imagine you are hosting a mid-sized corporate event. Everyone arrives at your event and you realize you have forgotten something. At the center of your event is a missing piece in the puzzle. You forgot to rent a stage platform from AVLS Rentals! How will you broadcast your organization’s presentations at your corporate event?

Well, thank goodness you are just imagining! If you are in the midst of hosting a corporate event like a tradeshow, conference, or exhibition you are in luck. AVLS Rentals shares an informative guide below which discusses the best stage platform rental for your next event.

AVLS Rentals is an audiovisual and lighting rental company with over 25 years of experience. Our in-depth knowledge of event design and cutting-edge technology lets us create a distinctive feel for your event with unique event rentals. This leaves you and your guests with a truly memorable experience.

The professionals at AVLS will provide top event stage rental equipment that fits your special event. Our team will deliver stage rentals for corporate events, exhibits, and trading shows. AVLS Rentals wants to bring your vision to life which is why our stage platform rentals can be altered and set up in a variety of ways.

The guide below makes it easy to determine the best stage rental platform for your corporate event. It includes reasons to rent a stage for your event and has information on AVLS’ most popular stage rentals, like our round stage rental. Keep reading to find the best stage platform rental for your next event.

Why Do You need a Best Stage Platform Rental at Your Event?

Presenter on stage and showing the audience reacting with hands in the air

The main reason a corporate event takes place is to share and showcase information to customers, clients, or employees. Stage platform rentals are a huge part of that sharing process.

There are tons of different types of events that each require a stage platform rental for a different reason.

  • Conferences use stage platform rentals to broadcast information to a group of people that share a common interest.
  • Product launches use stage rentals to showcase their new product to a huge group of people. Stage rentals make it possible for everyone to see the presenter and product.
  • Tradeshows use large rental stages to showcase live tutorials or broadcast masterclasses. The rental stages transform the stag into a performance area.
  • Corporate events can use stage platforms to present their company milestones. Or a smaller round stage rental for small appreciation ceremonies.

You need a stage platform at your event because they help build the theme of your event. They showcase important media and information and provide a focal point for presenters as they speak.

Stage platform rentals give a presenter a chance to interact with their audience and also make sure they are seen by all attendees.

Your event’s focal point is the rental stage platform. It brings together the event and fills all the pieces of the puzzle. If you want your event’s unique theme, aesthetics, and overall mood to come together rent a stage platform.

Black Round Stage Platform Rentals

Where Can I Rent a Round Stage Platform?

At AVLS duh! Round stage platform rentals are a perfect way to highlight a simple main feature in your event. Round stage platforms create a less striking visual effect. Which will make your event feel more inviting.

Round stage platforms are perfect for trade shows, conventions, and other social events where you need a little something extra to stand out.

AVLS Rentals offers two sizes for our Round stage platform rental. The first is our 8’DIAMETER X 12″-36″H and our second  round stage platform is a tad larger at 12’DIAMETER X 12″-36″H

The Best LED Stage Platform Rental

Purple LED Stage rental from AVLS

Make your event shine bright with AVLS’s LED stage platform rental. A LED rental stage provides effects, highlights, and colors to your event and can make the main feature of your set design.

LED stage rental colors can be customized to fit your event theme. Choose an LED stage rental in either 3’ x 3’ or 4’ x 4’.

Interested in more LED Rentals? Our sister company Modern Event Rentals has the best LED rental furniture to light up your event even more.

Modern Event Rentals not only specializes in  LED furniture, but offers a variety of rental furniture like charging stations, display shelves, and bar rentals.

Modern has completely customizable event furniture rentals. Which is great for trade shows, corporate events, conferences, and meetings. Modern Event Rentals paired with AVLS Rentals will provide your event with everything you need.

Most Popular Stage Scenic Rentals at AVLS

Green Scenic Stage Rental and Inspiration

Scenic stage rentals are perfect for large events that want to have a unique feel. AVLS Rentals has 5 stage scenic rental options available. Our stage scenic rentals will add to the overall mood of your event. Check out our stage scenic rental options for inspiration.

The great thing about our unique stage scenic rentals is that they can be customized to match your event! Build them in different designs, have your logo displayed in the center, and match the colors of the columns to your brand!

Fast Portable Stage Rental Near Me

A great reason to get a stage platform rental from AVLS is the fact that we offer portable stage rentals. Our round stage platform rentals, stage scenic rentals, and our square stage rentals can all be shipped to your location.

Nothing beats the convenience of a portable stage rental! Your rental stage is the focal point of your event. Stage malfunctions and delayed arrival of rental equipment can make or break your event. 

Stage platform Rental Innovation with Options 

At AVLS, we look at each event as the unique event that it is. Our team is constantly innovating to provide higher quality stage platform rentals to our clients. We strive to always provide innovation with options, and that’s why we fabricate our scenic stage rentals in house. In fact, our team is currently working on a new stage scenic design that will be compact smaller making it more portable. 

By working with AVLS Rentals you will not have to stress about your stage platform rental not showing up on time. Choosing a company with excellent event rental equipment and a proven track record is essential. When you work with AVLS to supply your portable stage rental you avoid equipment malfunctions. We provided the best stage platform rentals and high-quality audiovisual and lighting equipment.

Where Can I Get a Stage Platform Rental Shipped To?

If you need a stage rental, chances are there isn’t a stage rental store you can just pop into and pick one up. You need to go online and find a perfect stage platform rental that matches your criteria and is available to ship to your location.

Unfortunately, many stage rental options cost a significant amount to ship across the country, and frequently rely on third party shipping which can be stressful. We know that in-house delivery service is important for the care of your rental, and reduced shipping cost. We explain in depth why our delivery service is important for your event rental in our blog, 5 Reasons To Choose an Event Rental Company with Delivery Services.

At AVLS, we provide our leading stage platform rentals to many cities across the country with our white glove delivery service.

The Best Chicago Stage Rentals, Delivered Across the US!

Package With Fragile Sticker

AVLS provides the best Chicago stage rental options to the windy city since we call it home. AVLS Rentals is the resident expert in event equipment rentals in the Chicago area. We have become very familiar with Chicago’s most popular event spaces. This is due to providing audiovisuals, lighting, and stage rentals to Chicago for years. While our home is in the Chicago area, we service events across the country with practical and unique event rentals.

Stage Platform Rentals in Milwaukee

AVLS rentals provide stage platform rentals to a variety of cities, including Milwaukee. AVLS supplies portable stage rentals in Milwaukee and is the cities leading sound and lighting event rental company. We’re very familiar with Milwaukee’s most popular event venues. This is because we have experience providing our custom sound and lighting rentals to a variety of events.

Minneapolis Stage Platform Rentals

Minneapolis is also on our list of cities that we have provided stage rentals too. Looking for the best stage platform rental for your next Minneapolis event? AVLS has great relationships with Minneapolis event planners and professionals. AVLS will provide you with the best stages for rent as well as the best sound and lighting equipment for any size of event.

Top Rated St. Louis Stage Rentals

St. Louis AVLS event rental stage options are great for your next trade show, convention, or corporate event. AVLS Rentals is the top stage rental company in the St. Louis area. AVLS Rentals can help take your event to the next level.

When you are planning an event and need St Louis stage rentals, contact the event experts at AVLS.

Where Can I Find Stage Platform Rentals Near Me?

AVLS also supplies high-quality stage platform rentals to numerous of cities not mentioned above? AVLS Rentals provides Chicago with stage rentals, but check out our Locations to find the city closest to you that we serve.

Get Event Stage Rental Equipment From AVLS

AVLS offers other event rentals to compliment your stage platform rental. We are the premier audiovisual, lighting, and stage rental company in your area. We offer exceptional event stage rental equipment like truss rental, conventional lighting, and microphone rentals.

After checking out our event stage rental options feel free to read our educational blog about the Best Stage Rental Equipment. This blog goes into detail about other event rental equipment that pairs well with your rental stage.

Why AVLS is Best for Stage Rentals

If you’re hosting an event in the Chicago area, or anywhere in the USA, consider utilizing one of AVLS’s premier stage platform rentals. We want to help you create the beautiful event you are imagining. With customer service that is second to none, AVLS Rentals strives to exceed your expectations for every event.

AVLS puts our customers first. We continue to assist the wants and needs of our customers to make sure your event is exactly what you’re envisioning. At AVLS, the safety of our customers is our highest priority, our staff will accommodate your needs and concerns in the creation of the rental stage. We offer customized stages for your specific needs aside from what is listed on our site.

When you work with AVLS Rentals you are choosing an event rental company with delivery. With our in-house delivery team, we make sure you get your event equipment rentals delivered on time, and in the condition you expect.

To make your event come to life contact AVLS Rentals. We will provide you with exceptional stage platform rentals. Premier event rental equipment that helps make the event you are planning everything you expect and more! Contact the leaders in the stage platform rental equipment today!

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