3 Insider Tips for Hosting a Trade Show or Conference

Insider Tips for Hosting a Trade Show or Conference

Where else can you gather hundreds of individuals in the same industry and have the opportunity to engage them with minimal distractions? If you said a Trade Show or conference you’d be correct! Trade shows can be one of the most resourceful tools for marketing and growing a business. They offer so many opportunities for both the hosts and guests alike. To make the most of these opportunities you want to host the most engaging, and memorable Trade Show or conference possible. As event planning experts who have helped numerous clients pull off successful networking events, we’ve put together our best tips for hosting a trade show or conference.

Attending trade shows or conferences is one thing. Hosting them is something else altogether — event planning can be a daunting task. From organizing the event, finding a venue, and getting the tables and chairs that your members will be using during the event. There are a million things to consider. You know that you want your event to be a memorable hit for all attendees, but how do you make sure it’s memorable in a great way? You can make your own trade show or conference is a hit using the tips below.

Find the Right Venue

Hosting a trade show or conference starts with finding the right venue to fit your needs. Someone has to search high and low for conference and convention spaces that will do everything you need to be done. Don’t settle on an event space just because it’s cheap or nearby. The venue you choose must be perfect for your event.

No matter where you look, ask yourself these important questions:

  • How much space is enough?
  • Do you have the rental furniture needed
  • Do you have the right event stage equipment?
  • Is there a theme or style you want to project?
  • Does it have good Wi-Fi capabilities?

If you find the perfect venue, but they don’t have furniture, or the equipment needed to match your vision, don’t panic. You still have options!

Rent The Equipment You Need For Success

Now that you have a venue, how will you make the experience memorable for your attendees? Your trade show or conference will have booths full of merchants and businesses working their marketing magic; be sure to support their magic with well-chosen amenities from vendors you like and trust. Amenities can include refreshments, food, portable charging stations and charging furniture, and event lighting. You also will likely need sound and stage rental equipment to call special attention to certain topics and announcements as needed.

setting the stage for the perfect event with AVLS rentalsTake our stage scenic rentals for example. These stages can be customized into different shapes and even different colors to create a real focal point for the event. You can easily advertise your brand or message using this unique stage rental. There are also many other options like our smaller round stage and elevated stage rentals. Or if you want to make a real impression on your attendees check out our LED light-up stages. From here you can reach your audience with whatever message you want using our wireless microphone rental sets, or have a DJ spin good tunes using our sound mixer rentals.

Another thing you can’t forget is the actual tables and chairs rentals for your event! Finding a venue that has the number of needed materials could be difficult or vastly increase the price. These options are also likely very basic and worn-looking. If you want to host an elevated event that truly captures the attention of your attendees, consider the options from our sister company, Modern Event Rental. There are standard, clean tables, bar tables, and chair options available. In addition, there are elevated options such as luxury, chic, and futuristic lounge furniture rental options.

If you’re looking for ways to help your attending merchants make a good impression on prospective clients, vendors like AVLS Rentals can help. AVLS Rentals can provide lighting fixture rentals that will highlight brands in the best way possible. Your event will flourish with vendors who can provide quality audio event equipment and stage rental equipment. No matter where your event takes place, AVLS Rentals can help provide you with the best event rentals to elevate your trade show or conference. By giving your merchants access to vendors of this caliber, you increase their ability to show off to great effect, ad ensure a successful event.

Assemble A Team of Event Experts

Whether it’s your first time hosting an event or the millionth, it’s important to have a team that can take on challenges as they arise. The people you choose for support will have a huge impact on how your event plays out. You want a team that can socialize well, adapt to changes, and keep things running smoothly.

You want to bring team members who know what they’re doing. You want expert salesmen who can sell the image of your business, keen organizers who will be able to map out the event floor with ease, organizers and agents who can find you the best quality audio and stage rentals, and tech-savvy individuals who can handle the set-up and possible issues that come with audio rental equipment.

Don’t worry if you don’t have this team, our team of event experts at AVLS can help you set up the perfect event. With our experience, we will help you choose exactly what you need to pull off your event successfully. We ask the questions that you might not even know need asking. With the best event rental equipment options, we can guarantee that your event is positioned for success.

Enjoy Your Successful Event

event rental equipment makes events successfulWhen you’ve used event experts and the best event rental equipment for your event it means you can finally relax. Instead of worrying and fixing issues you can step back and have some fun at your event. Walk around and connect with individuals in your industry, the entire purpose of this event! Meet valuable connections within your industry during a lively atmosphere from the great vibes your DJ, and rental sound equipment, are setting. Just remember that no matter what your event is showcasing, having the right tools at your disposal is key to successfully hosting a memorable and fun experience for all involved.

Contact the Event Rental Experts

Since 2001, AVLS Rentals has been providing exquisite, creative sound and lighting solutions nationwide. Our in-depth knowledge of event design and cutting-edge technology lets us create a distinctive feel for your event, leaving you and your guests with a truly memorable experience.

Each of our clients receives individualized attention and a custom-designed event that reflects their unique ideas. No matter the event, AVLS Rentals works hard to bring you the best service and quality sound and lighting solutions that will take your event to the next level! Contact AVLS today to learn more about your event rental equipment options.

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