The 4 Things You Should Do Before An Event

All event planners know it’s important to go through your checklist and make sure everything is working properly before the event, and before there are hundreds of event guests in the room. Your event venue may have a technical support team on hand, and even if they do our AVLS Rentals team can work with them and your team to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Whether you have event collaboration technologies like live-streaming and video-conferencing capabilities or not, you should plan to test those communication methods well before the event. We know there’s a lot of tasks and last minute things running through your mind before an event, so we put together a short checklist of the essential audio visual and networking elements you should look for when preparing for your big event.

Check the WiFi Connections

WiFi is essential when planning and attending an event. Everyone wants to be able to post their pictures and videos to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and follow the event hashtags to stay connected to what’s going on. When choosing an event venue, it’s important to ensure their WiFi network is easily accessible, and there won’t be any issues if the event is livestreamed or there’s a lot of guests using the WiFi.

You’ll also want to make sure there aren’t dead zones in the venue, and there are WiFi zone extenders if necessary. WiFi should be accessible almost anywhere in the venue. The last thing you want during your event is a WiFi outage or slow internet. Before the event, check the wireless connection on every device in every part of the venue and make sure it’s working to your standards.

Have Presentation Display Options

No matter what type of event you’re hosting, you’ll want to have visual content shared; and it’s best to not deal with complicated connection procedures. Make sure your venue has the kind of display equipment needed for any special presentation, including projectors, monitors and more. If they don’t, AVLS Rentals can help with that, we have a variety of presentation equipment that is great for company presentations, logo displays, and more.

When thinking about presentations at your event, think about how many guests will be attending your event, should you have display screens on both sides of the room or just one side of the room? It’s also important to think about your presenters, and if they’ll need to connect to the devices to share their research and information.

Our AVLS Rentals team of experienced event technicians will be able to assist you in deciding what you need for your event. We provide a number of projectors with full HD displays, to give your event a clear, high-quality display. We also offer energy-efficient LCD displays to make the visuals of your presentation stand out. The LCD displays do a great job of showing powerful online graphics and text.

Check the Sound

Sound is probably the most important thing to look at before an event, it’s crucial to find those audio dead zones in a room and fix them. When first looking at an event venue space, you should look for a built-in audio system to work with. Microphones, mixers, speakers, podiums and more help bring sound to your event.

In-room speakers a great asset to have at your venue, but they need to have a volume consistent enough to be heard in the far left corner. We know sound equipment can glitch sometimes, but with our rentals and our team’s 24/7 support, your event will go smoothly. Our team can set you up with all of the necessary equipment you’ll need so your guests can hear you loud and clear.

Have a Technology Support Team

When you work with AVLS Rentals, have a large technical support team to help you figure out all of the equipment. We’ll work with your venue’s technical team, and you to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. You can ask us what type of support we’ll provide, what the best equipment is to get, and more, our team will answer any questions you have open and honestly.

How AVLS Rentals Can Help

The AVLS team has been working with event planners and producers for many years, we know what everyone needs at their trade show booth, conference or corporate event. We also know what people and businesses don’t need at their events. Our team can help you decide what’s best to have, depending on the type of event; we also offer fair prices.

There is a lot of preparation that goes into an event, and we pride ourselves on making it easier for you to prepare and execute your event. If you’re looking for event sound and lighting rental equipment, contact AVLS Rentals today and learn how we can help you!

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