The Best Audiovisual Rentals for Your Corporate Holiday Party

How is it already the corporate holiday party season?! The holidays are fast approaching and you know what that means: corporate holiday events! Gone are the days of fold-out tables and plastic cups in the office. It’s time to usher in a new era of high-end and unforgettable staging, audiovisual rentals for your corporate holiday party will be absolutely unforgettable!

While you might not have all of those lavish things readily accessible at your office, there’s no need to ask Santa for them. AVLS Rentals has got you covered with all the best audiovisual rental options! From Staging rentals to lighting rentals, and more, we’ve got a whole workshop that can deliver whatever audiovisual rentals you need.

Just think of AVLS Rentals as your holiday helper to planning your next corporate holiday event. The holiday season is all about giving, and AVLS Rentals can help your company give your employees and coworkers the best holiday party of their life.

Your holiday event deserves the best staging, mixers, audio, visuals, and everything that makes an event pop. Look no further, AVLS Rentals is here to bring you holiday cheer and take your holiday party to the next level.

Why Host a Corporate Holiday Party?

Corporate Holiday Party

The idea of a corporate holiday party evokes the image of stale cookies, hanging around a shallow punch bowl, and haphazardly strung up decorations. We think that corporate holiday parties are great, but you have to avoid all the clichés mentioned and go above and beyond to show your employees that they matter.

After all, holiday parties are the time to show your employees and coworkers that you care about them, thank them for a year of hard work, and just celebrate the holiday season together. Even Forbes knows a holiday party is a great way to give back to your hard-working hard employees at the end of a long year!

The best way to do all of that is with audiovisual rentals and such from AVLS Rentals. Not only can we elevate the vibes of your event but we can help you make the holidays much more enjoyable and memorable.

And the best part about choosing AVLS? Not only do we have the best selection of audiovisual rentals, but we also have top-rated shipping as well! Our in-house, white glove delivery service ensures that whatever you choose to rent makes it there on time and is handled with care, increasing the quality of the event sound and visuals for your guests.

Trust us – a professional delivery service matters. Once you’ve selected what’s best for you, our team will deliver the rentals for your holiday party and even help you set up. It makes all the difference between your event creating stress and leading to success. You can see why in our blog, 5 Reasons To Choose an Event Rental Company with Delivery Services.

Audiovisual Rental Equipment List For Corporate Holiday Party

AVLS rentals brings you the best guide on what to rent for your corporate Holiday Party. Having these rentals at your next corporate holiday party will take your event to the next level!

After checking out our list of the best audiovisual rentals for your corporate holiday party read our article which gives you 3 of the best tips for hosting a trade show or corporate event.

Choose the Best Audiovisual Rentals for Your Corporate Party

If you want to show your employees that you truly care about them, then you need to get some of the top audiovisual rentals listed below. Otherwise, your company might send the wrong message!

Microphone Rentals Are a Must at Holiday Parties

image of Microphone Rentals for The Best Audiovisual Rentals for Your Corporate Holiday Party blog from AVLS

AVLS Rentals offers several of the highest quality types of microphone rentals, such as the complete Lavalier Microphone Pack, along with handheld wireless systems that are perfect for any corporate holiday event.

Microphone rentals are a must at holiday parties or corporate holiday events. They provide great entertainment especially when some holiday karaoke is involved. They also provide convenience to the speaker and allow them to move around freely. Make sure you get the best microphone rental set for your holiday party!

Rock Your Holiday Party with Speaker Rentals


Crank that Mariah Carrey classic “All I Want For Christmas Is You” with the leading speaker rentals from AVLS! Or, play whatever your favorite Christmas music is as loud as you want with a QSC speaker rental.

Your holiday party deserves high-quality sound so attendees can dance the night away. AVLS speaker rental options like JBL speakers and QSC speakers will bring the exact sound quality guests are expecting at your corporate holiday event.

High-quality speakers play a vital role in the success of a corporate holiday party. To ensure your event’s sound quality is outstanding, get your JBL speaker rental or the top QSC speaker rentals from AVLS.

“Mix Up” The Holiday Fun with AVLS Audio Mixers

Rental Audio Mixer
Speakers are important for amplifying your sound, but making sure your corporate event audio is right before it gets blasted is even more important – especially for the annual holiday party!

Sounding professional is a major part of a successful business occasion. This is why AVLS provides the latest audiovisual rental technology when it comes to our audio mixer rentals. Featuring options like the Allen and Heath QU-16 and the QSC Touchmix 8, our digital mixer rentals are sure to enhance the sound of any holiday event.

Visual Equipment Rentals For Corporate Holiday Party

Sound isn’t the only important factor in planning your corporate holiday party. You also need to include leading visual equipment like stage rentals and light rentals. AVLS has got you covered with leading visual rental options.

Stage Scenic Rentals Provide Visuals for Holiday Events

AVLS Rentals offers stage scenic rentals for events. We create them to provide a distinct feel for your event. Let our stage scenic rentals bring out color and company branding at your corporate holiday party.

Stage scenic rentals can be customized into different shapes and even different colors to create a unique focal point for the event. As mentioned above they are a great way to advertise your brand or message.

We will help you find the best stage rental for your corporate holiday party. We have many other options like our smaller round stage and elevated stage rentals. If you want to make a real impression on your attendees, check out our full selection of LED light-up stages.

Event Lighting Rentals That Will Make Your Holiday Party Shine

Event Stage & Lighting Rental

Lighting can be some of the most important pieces at a corporate event like a holiday party. So if you’re looking for a “stage lighting rental near me”, look no further!

Our impressive selection of event rental lighting covers conventional lighting, LED lighting, and truss rental options. LED lighting is sure to make your holiday event a blast! With bright colors, our LED light rentals only enhance the fun.

From automated lighting to DMX controllers, our experienced staff is able to set up and arrange your event lighting rentals perfectly. Check out our full lighting rental selection to see how you can shine a light on your holiday party today!

Spread Joy with Audiovisual Rentals from AVLS

AVLS Rentals is an audiovisual and lighting rental company with over 25 years of event staging experience. So, we’ve seen a thing or two when it comes to showcasing a holiday stage scenic rental.

AVLS Rentals has all the event design industry knowledge needed to create the perfect corporate holiday event this season. We have all the state-of-the-art technology the industry has to offer available to you.

There are all sorts of event rental equipment that you can select to create the perfect holiday party. You can choose from our microphone rentals and custom-fabricated scenic stages for those all-important awards and speeches.

There are cutting-edge mixer rentals and speaker rentals to blast the best holiday and pop music throughout the night. You can choose from all the best-powered speakers and subwoofers, like the JBL, SRX 815P, and 818SP. We also offer incredible LED lighting rentals that will help you create the perfect holiday vibe for your guests. There’s no wrong way to go!

If you’re ever stuck on what you need for your event, don’t sweat it! Our employees are seasoned industry professionals, suited to help you decide which audio rentals, stage rentals, or audiovisual rentals are best for your specific event.

So be sure to explore all of our options and contact us when you’re ready to throw the best holiday party in town with the best audiovisual rentals from AVLS!



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