AVLS Rentals and Modern Event Rental Work Together

AVLS Rentals has partnered with their sister company, Modern Event Rental to offer audiovisual, lighting, staging rentals along with event furniture, charging furniture and stations, and pedestal rentals. AVLS Rentals was started in 2001, and Modern Event was established in 2009, the two companies have been working with event planners all over the United States to provide all of the necessary tools and elements they need to execute their event effectively.

Modern Event Rental

When Modern Event’s furniture rental clients need audio equipment for their event, they are turned them over to our AVLS team of technology professionals. Our extensive knowledge of event design and technology helps us create a distinctive feel for your event, and create a memorable experience for you and your guests. Our team can educate you on the right audio, visual and lighting equipment you’ll need for your next event. Whether you need speakers, mixers, LED lighting and more, AVLS Rentals can help you decide what you need and provide those rentals to you.

Once you have your audiovisual equipment reserved, ask our team about Modern Event Rental’s products. Our team can direct you to a Modern Event Rental team member who can help custom fabricate your furniture and tailor it to your event. Modern Event provides a variety of event rental furniture options like LED furniture, custom bar rentals, charging furniture, decorative wall panels, lounge, and sofa rentals. The rentals are great for trade shows, corporate events, meetings, and conventions. Many of the rentals from Modern Event are completely customizable and can be tailored to fit the theme of your event.

Modern Event Rental and AVLS Rentals are both located in Chicago, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love working with event planners all over the country. With our nationwide shipping, we’re able to ship our products to any state in the country and have your rentals there safely in time for your event.

Contact AVLS Rentals and Modern Event Rental today to learn more and reserve your rentals.

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