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No event is complete without a rental projector, but purchasing a brand new projector for an event that may only last a few days may be impractical and expensive. AVLS Rentals wants to help you understand what the best Chicago rental projector is for your different types of events.

Projectors can be confusing to rent. If you have limited experience with the technology then you could accidentally pick a projector that won’t work well with your event. There are various models and sizes of projector rental options. To make matters more confusing each one of them suits different needs. Some rental projectors might be good for smaller event venues, some might be good for long-distance projections, some may be LED-powered, higher resolution, and so on. 

Below AVLS discusses what lumens are, how different types of events may use projectors, and if LCD displays or projectors are better. If your convention, conference, tradeshow, or other event type is near then it’s time to get educated on the best Chicago projector rental options for your event. 

Projector Equipment Rental Near Me

Purchasing a projector is expensive and impractical if used for single use. Save the trouble by renting a top-rated rental projector from AVLS Rentals. If you are planning an event in the Chicago area then keep reading to learn the best projector rental options for your event. 

Need a projector rental in the Chicago area? Well AVLS Rentals is proud to call the city our home. We’re very familiar with Chicago’s most popular event venues and have experience providing our top-rated rental projectors to a variety of Chicago events. 

Through our quality rentals, we’ve cultivated relationships with Chicago event planners and professionals, and we pride ourselves on being one of Chicago’s top event rental companies and offering the best Chicago projector rentals!

AVLS Rentals brings you the best service and quality video equipment like our rental projectors, that are sure to take your event to the next level! We serve a variety of cities around the Midwest. If you need projector rental equipment for your next event make sure to check out the locations we serve to see if we are in an area near you.

What Projector Equipment Does AVLS Rentals Offer? 

AVLS Rentals offers Chicago’s best projector rental options. AVLS offers high-performance projectors with full HD displays. Our projectors are top-rated and provide a sharp picture your attendees will enjoy. 

Epson Powelite rental Projector from AVLS rentals

Top-rated Chicago Rental Projectors: Epson Powerlite

This Epson Powerlite projector has some of the best image quality and resolution for a projector. This projector brings brilliant high-definition performance to any boardroom, conference room, or event.

Some of the key features of the Epson Powerlite projector are as follows: 

  • Bright and Colorful: Features 5000 lumens of color brightness (color light output)1 and 5000 lumens of white brightness (white light output)
  • Includes a built-in speaker to amplify the audio of the presentation
  • HDMI / MHL Connectivity: Stream 1080p content and mirror your mobile device with MHL & the latest in connectivity. 


Infocus IN119HDX Rental Projector From AVLS

Rental Projectors Options: Infocus IN119HDX

This projector is built for events. It’s great for use in conference meetings, large hotel venue meetings, and more. It is designed to give a bright picture, in fact, this projector creates an image powerful enough to combat moderate ambient lighting. 

Key Features of the Infocus IN119HDX: 

  • Long-life lamp of up to 10,000 hours
  • 3,200 lumens of brightness
  • High 15000:1 contrast ratio for darker blacks and whiter whites
  • Vivid color reproduction with BrilliantColor™ technology


Infocus Short Throw Rental ProjectorBest Chicago Projector Rental Option: Infocus Short Throw Projector

This projector has stellar image quality and performance. It has a long-lasting lamp life and is one of the quietest projectors in its class. It features TechStation technology which allows you to connect your EZCAST PRO, Google Chromecast, Amazon FireStick, Android TV, and others making it a seamless projector that works with tools you already have/use.

Infocus Short Throw Projectors Key Features:

  • Up to 3700 lumens of brightness
  • Display over HDMI, VGA, composite, or S-video
  • Incredible, sharp images with a 14,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Compact and lightweight for easy portability


What Are Projector Lumens and Should I Pay Attention to Them? 

Projector lumens are the way in which brightness is measured. Meaning the brighter the projector the higher the lumen rating. When shopping for a Chicago projector rental it is important to keep a look for two-lumen specifications. One specification is for color brightness and the other is for white brightness. 

AVLS Rentals provides an accurate description of lumens for our projector rentals. This is helpful for determining what projector is best for your event type. The amount of brightness you need from a projector is actually determined by the size of the room you project in. 

How Many Projector Lumens Do I Need For My Event? 

  • Where ambient light is at a minimum you should rent a projector with a minimum of 1500 lumens. 
  • For conference rooms, trade shows with a booth, and meetings which all may have windows you should seek a projector with a minimum of 2500 lumens. 
  • A good rule of thumb is the larger the event venue the more lumens you need.

AVLS Rentals has projectors for any size event. Our Rental Projectors have lumens larger than  3,200 meaning we can serve your event with high-quality image quality. 

Best Types of Projector Rental Options For Different Events

Corporate Meeting in a auditorium

Projector rentals can be used for a wide range of events. AVLS Rentals has put together a list of some of the most popular events that use projector rentals. If you want a rental projector at your next event keep reading below to see which projector may be the best option for your event, and how to use it. 

Use a Rental Projector at Your Next Trade Show 

One of the most significant benefits of trade shows is reaching so many people in such a short amount of time. The drawback to tradeshows is that all of the people attending are in a hurry to see as much, do as much, and speak to as many people as possible. 

This means you need to be able to capture their attention, provide them with important information, and exchange contact information in the shortest time possible.

What better way to do that than to use a projector rental? Rental projectors allow you to showcase information in a timely manner to many people. Grab attendees’ attention at your next Chicago event with projector rentals from AVLS


Rental Projector for Conventions 

Conventions are similar to trade shows because people are brought together for a common interest.  The difference is that conventions are usually put together by an organization that has a large number of members. 

Conventions usually have thousands of attendees and are planned months or years in advance. There’s usually plenty of time to plan. This means you can make your event booth top-notch with a rental projector from AVLS Rentals. 

Check out the Epson Powerlite rental projector for your next Chicago convention. This rental projector offers 5000 lumens which makes it perfect for large event venues. Ambient lighting will have little effect with a projector like the Epson Powerlite at AVLS Rentals. 


Large Corporate Meeting Using Rental Projector From AVLS Large Corporate Meetings Should Use Rental Projectors 

Go above and beyond at your next corporate meeting with a rental projector from AVLS Rentals. It’s no secret that the quality of your presentation matters at board meetings and corporate meetings. Present your content with a larger and clearer picture with a rental projector. 

Information shouldn’t be missed in large corporate meetings. Companies spend lots of time planning and preparing for meetings like this. Make sure they excel by presenting the information on a rental projector like AVLS Epson Powerlite

This Projector is perfect for meetings because not only does it have brilliant high-definition performance, but it also has HDMI and MHL connectivity. Stream 1080p content and mirror your mobile device with MHL,  the latest in connectivity. Plus get instant access to movies, games, and more from MHL-enabled devices. 


Make Conferences Better With Rental Projectors From AVLS

Conferences are intended to have attendees exchange educational information with one another. Conferences are a great way for vendors to explore new product offerings and exchange information. 

For example,  industry-specific conferences may invite attendees to learn and develop professionally. Academic conferences may bring together professional experts to discuss things in a particular field of study. User conferences are put together to inform users of updates, changes, and new technologies. 

Each conference may need a way to communicate effectively and efficiently. Stand out with a rental projector from AVLS. Showcase key features, findings, or information to a large audience for an affordable price. 

The Infocus Short Throw Projector is a perfect rental projector for conferences. Its high brightness and low cost are great for tight places. 


Rental Projectors Enhance Charity Events 

The sole purpose of charity events is to generate funds for a cause, charity, or non-profit. Important information that pertains to this should be broadcasted with a projector. This will enhance your charity event because projectors like the Infocus IN119HDX are designed to deliver a bright picture. 

Images, videos, and presentation slides will be displayed with HIGH spatial resolution technology and 3,200 lumens of brightness. Your attendees won’t miss a thing and will be highly impressed with the quality of your display. 


How Much Does a Projector Rental Cost?

AVLS Rentals offers short-term projector rentals for the Chicagoland area. Many factors go into the pricing of our rental projectors. Such as the duration of the rental, the type of projector you rent, and the location of your event. 

Get a quick quote today to determine the projector rental cost for your event. Just go to the list of rental projectors we offer, choose the best one for your event, and add it to your quote. Then when all of your rentals are in your cart you can submit your quote to see how much your rentals will cost.  

AVLS Rentals makes it really easy to shop our rentals, we have everything you need for your next Chicago event. Get your event lighting rentals, audio equipment rentals, and video equipment rentals today!

Project Rental VS Monitor and Display 

We get the question “Which is better: a projector rental or a monitor and display rental?”. The answer is whichever is better for your event. 

AVLS Rentals offers slim energy-efficient LCD displays to make the visuals of your corporate presentation, trade show booth, or private event stand out. AVLS Rentals will work with any environment, regardless of the lighting, and adjust the brightness to an intensity that will satisfy all attendees. 

Check out our LCD Displays to determine if AVLS projector rentals or monitor and displays are better for your event. Each comes with its own benefits, but each does a tremendous job of displaying powerful videos, graphics, and photos.

Why Choose An AVLS Chicago Projector Rental For Your Event

AVLS Rentals provides several high-performance projectors with full HD displays. It won’t be hard to find the perfect rental projector for your Chicago event because our event specialists will help you pick out an ideal projector for your event or vision.

By choosing an event equipment rental company with delivery services like AVLS Rentals you can ensure that you won’t be stuck cutting your delivery time too close to the event. AVLS makes sure everything gets delivered on time and minimizes spikes in shipping costs due to fuel prices or other unforeseen factors. For more information on AVLS delivery service read our blog: 5 Reasons To Choose an Event Rental Company with Delivery Services.

Our team is here to help make sure that your event goes off successfully. With great customer service, AVLS Rentals strives to exceed your expectations for every event. We will be here to answer any questions that may pertain to your event. We help our customers create easily memorable events with customer service that is second to none.

Chicago Get Your Rental Projector From AVLS Rentals Today!

Chicago, we are here to give you the best projector rental options. As the leaders in projector rental equipment, we want to help you amplify your next event with our top-rated projector rentals

AVLS is the trusted event rental company for the Chicago land area. With over 20 years of experience, AVLS Rentals has expertise in video equipment rentals, audio equipment rentals, and more. In the past 20 years, we have continued to grow and maintain great relationships with our customers. 

Every great Chicago event starts with rental equipment from AVLS Rentals. Contact AVLS today to learn more about video equipment rental options, like our popular projector rentals!

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