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Ready to set the perfect stage for your next event? You probably don’t have an extra stage lying around and your venue probably doesn’t come with one, at least not one that will wow your attendees. If you are hosting a large event like a trade show, conference or convention then you need to find options for the best stage rental in 2022.

When hosting a large event like a corporate conference or a convention, there are many moving parts to keep track of. That’s why it’s essential to outsource some of the responsibility to professionals. AVLS is a premier, innovative event rental company, including stage rental, experienced in designing all types of events. We’re the ideal choice to provide your best stage rental equipment.

The Importance of a Quality Stage Rental

Regardless of the type of event, the stage event rental will be the center of attention. Stage malfunctions can make or break your event, while special effects and great staging can elevate it to a new level. You can use a stage rental for branding, or to display important information to attendees.

Choosing a company with excellent event rental equipment and a proven track record is essential:


  • Without quality sound equipment, your guests will not be able to understand your speeches, pitches, or presentations.
  • Poor visual equipment, like projectors, monitors, and lighting, makes it difficult for guests to follow along.
  • Malfunctioning truss rentals can lead to injury, event cancelation, and high damage costs.

If your stage rental equipment isn’t up to par, it will be distracting for guests. They won’t discuss your incredible speech — they’ll mention the microphone feedback. More severe malfunctions can derail an entire event, like Michael Jackson’s 1999 platform collapse or Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake’s truss collapse in 2003.

To relieve some of the stress, hire an event rental company to ensure all equipment and setup are as they should be — so you can focus on your guests and ensure a positive experience for all.

Round Stage Rental image for best stage rental equipment in 2022 blogStage Rental Equipment Options from AVLS

At AVLS we offer a large selection of the most popular stage rental options available. Whether you need a large stage rental, or a smaller, simpler stage rental option, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick look at our favorite stage rental options:

Stage Scenic Rental

Our stage scenic rentals are a unique stage design that will help bring your event to life. Customize the imagery and colors of the stage rental to create the distinct look and feel that you want for your event. Event planning experts at AVLS will work with you using our innovative technology to construct designs that reflect your ideas and vision.

With a stage scenic rental, your event is sure to create a bigger impact in the minds of your guests!

LED Stage for Best Stage Rental Equipment in 2022 blogLED Stage Rental

A great way to light your stage up, literally! LED event rentals are quickly growing in popularity across the nation. It’s no secret why, an LED stage rental is unique and adds extra flair to any event. It captures the guest’s attention and gives event organizers a platform to effectively reach their target audience.

LED stage rental colors can be customized to fit your event theme. Choose an LED stage rental in either 3’ x 3’ or 4’ x 4’.

Round Stage Platform

Looking for a simple stage rental? We offer our round raised stage in both 8’ and 12’ options. It’s perfect for Trade Shows, conventions, and other social events where you need to stand out.

Check out our round stage rental on our website.

Platform Stage

We also have our simple stage platform as an option for your stage rental. These smaller stages are great for smaller events, or even Trade Shows and conventions when you need to highlight something. People or products can use the stage to capture guests’ attention.

Our stage platform comes in various sizes:

Choose whatever size you need for your next event. If you aren’t sure, speak with our event rental experts to help you determine the best stage rental for your event.

With our large selection of popular staging rental options, you can easily find the best stage rental for your special event. Our team will make sure that the stage fits perfectly into your vision. But we also offer a lot more than just stage rental options at AVLS.

Event Rentals AVLS Offers To Compliment Your Stage Rental

AVLS provides high-quality stage rental equipment for a variety of events, including trade shows, conferences, fashion shows, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, private parties, and corporate conventions.

Audio Equipment Rentals

Your guests won’t miss a word with AVLS Rentals’s top-of-the-line audio equipment rentals. These include:

  • Speaker rentals, including column PAs and subwoofers
  • Mixer rental equipment for innovative design and performance
  • Cutting-edge microphone rental options, including handheld and body mics

Visual Equipment Rental

Depending on your event, you may want to use many different types of visual equipment. AVLS Rentals’s high-performance visual equipment will aid your presentations and keep your guests’ attention.

Some top visual equipment for your event may include:

  • Projector rentals with clear, sharp displays
  • LCD Displays with vibrant color and powerful graphics

Stage Lighting Rentals

Elevate your event with lighting equipment. Stage lighting rentals provide well-lit spaces but also add ambiance.

Some lighting that will elevate your event include:

  • Overhead lighting available in two styles: Soft white or in a red, green, blue, and lime array
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting in a range of colors

Black Truss Rental Options Lighting and Stage Truss Rentals

Certain event locations and events may require renting staging and support items. AVLS Rentals also provides a variety of truss rental options that come in either the classic metal color or black.

AVLS provides all the truss rental options you might need to set up your stage or lighting equipment. Choose from:

  • Standard Box Truss Rentals
  • Truss Bases for support
  • Truss Spacers
  • Truss Corners
  • Curved Truss Rentals

Each of these truss rental options comes in a variety of sizes. Whatever your stage and lighting size requirement is you can use our truss rental inventory to build it.

Why AVLS Rentals for Audiovisual Rentals?

AVLS Rentals has been providing top-tier service and quality event rental equipment, like stag rentals, since 2001. With consistent five-star reviews on Google stating that the staff is helpful, friendly, responsive, and willing to step up in a pinch, and Facebook reviews echoing the sentiment, AVLS is trusted by its loyal customers.

We’re proudly based in the windy city, providing the best Chicago stage rental options, and any other Chicago event rentals that are needed. While our home is in the Chicago area, we service the entire country with practical and unique event rentals.

AVLS Rentals is happy to serve metropolitan areas across the United States. From Atlanta to Austin and Memphis to Minneapolis, AVLS Rentals provides high-quality event rentals so your event can launch without a hitch. Our white glove delivery service ensures that you don’t pay unreasonable amounts for shipping and that your event rentals arrive on time and in the condition expected.

Choose the Best in Audiovisual Rentals, AVLS

Have an event coming up? Trust AVLS Rentals to provide you with the best stage rental equipment, and other audiovisual equipment rentals, all with a flawless setup. Fill out the contact form to discuss your event with one of our event experts today.


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