Which Chicago Event Lighting Rental Near Me Is Best for My Event?

Whether you’re hosting a small private event or a large public gathering, daytime events often turn into evening ones. When you extend your professional event, make sure you have professional lighting equipment to ensure things run smoothly. Which begs the question, which Chicago event lighting rental near me is best? After all, having the proper event lighting rental options for your event can drastically affect the overall success of your event.

Unless you own and operate a venue, it’s unlikely that you already have all of the necessary event lighting rental gear to light your event professionally. Event lighting rental equipment from AVLS Rentals is the easiest way to ensure your event is lit precisely the way you want.

Our team will work with you to create a personalized lighting design for your event, including setting up all of the necessary structures, like truss rentals, event lighting options, and electrical wiring. Continue reading to learn about which events require lighting rentals, what options we provide, and why you should choose AVLS Rentals for all your event lighting rental needs!

Events That Benefit from Professional Light Rentals

Image of convention using event lighting rentalsIf your guests can’t see at your event, then that is going to be a problem. All events, regardless of size, need proper, professional lighting to ensure guests have a positive experience and can move around safely.

The following are some examples of events that could use lighting rentals for a professional touch:

  • Concerts
  • Business galas
  • Corporate events
  • Seminars and lectures
  • Trade shows
  • Professional sporting events
  • Exhibitions

Each of these types of events has unique needs and therefore need a unique lighting rental solution. Fortunately, the lighting rental experts at AVLS have helped design numerous successful events and understand what type of event lighting rental will be best for your event. We can help you determine what lighting rental you need for your event to light it up!

Options for the Best Event Lighting Rental Near Me

AVLS Rentals offers a range of top lighting equipment rentals to better tailor your lighting design to the needs of your event. If you’ve ever asked, “What type of event lighting rental near me is best for my event?” then AVLS is here to help you determine the best event lighting rental for your professional get-together. Our top event choices for Chicago lighting rental options include:

  1. LED Light Rentals
  2. Conventional Lighting
  3. Truss Rental Equipment

When you ask the question “What type of event lighting rental near me is best for my event?” AVLS is here to help you determine the best event lighting rental for your professional function.

1. LED Chicago Light Rentals


LED lighting rentals are designed to offer an energy-efficient alternative to traditional lighting. Because these LED light rentals give off significantly less heat than other lighting solutions, they are ideal lighting rentals for crowded indoor events and hot days.

With a broad range of colors, strobing and dimming effects, and battery-powered and electrical options, LED light rentals are a versatile choice that can easily be customized for your event.

At AVLS we offer several different types of LED lighting rental options for you to choose from. We have different options in battery-operated LED rentals and other LED options like our ADJ Element Hex IP Pearl. Visit our website to view our full selection of LED lighting rental options.

With AVLS, you can choose an LED lighting rental in Chicago or even an LED light rental in Atlanta. We offer shipping on our LED lighting rentals to a wide range of US cities to make your life easier. Check out our recent blog on the top 5 reasons why you should choose an event rental company with delivery services!

2. Conventional Lighting Rental Near Me

Conventional lighting rental equipment gives the best results for events with a stage or that require smooth fades and other elaborate lighting effects.

Our conventional lighting rentals in Chicago and beyond are a superior choice for concerts, expos, and other events requiring spotlights or border lighting. With our conventional stage lighting rental options, you can find the right lighting no matter the event.

Choose from either the Chauvet Ovation 190 LED Ellipsoidal lighting rental or the ETC ColorSource Spot lighting rental.

AVLS Rentals staff have the professional knowledge and experience to install conventional lighting rentals safely and efficiently to make sure your event has its lighting requirements met.

3. Find the Best Truss Lighting Rentals


Light trusses are large structures to which the lights are attached, and are necessary to provide depth and lighting effects to large spaces. Most options for a conventional event lighting rental will require truss rental equipment to position the lights correctly.

These trusses form arches, towers, and other structural support to create impressive lighting designs that elevate any event. You can check out some of the truss structure options by viewing the AVLS gallery, which has event layouts like the picture.

At AVLS Rentals, we have sufficient LED, conventional, and truss rental equipment to work within the confines of your event space and appropriately light your event. Regardless of size, scope, or event lighting rental need, we can help.

So if you’re still wondering “where to find a high-quality event lighting rental near me”, AVLS is the clear choice!

The Best Selection of Platform Rental Stages, Audio Equipment, and More

LED Light Up 4x4 stage platform rental from AVLSWhile checking “lighting rental for Chicago” off on your event to-do list is important, AVLS is here to supply the other aspects of your event too. While lighting helps the audience see and boost the mood, making sure you have the proper stage, audio, and visual equipment rentals is critical.

Keep your audience captivated by the key speaker by picking the right stage. AVLS has a great selection of stages for rent to choose from. From platform stage rentals to round stage rentals, we are happy to provide the best stage rental equipment. Check out our full stage rental selection to see which will be the perfect fit for your event!

Nothing upsets attendees more than being unable to hear or see the most important part of a speech. AVLS’s Chicago audio rental equipment allows whoever is on your stage to be properly heard. Likewise, our video equipment rental options allow visibility of what’s going on no matter where they are seated.

Taking the time to choose your stage, audio, and visual equipment rentals for our event will surely help you in the long run. These equipment choices help make your event a success while keeping your guests pleased and entertained all night long. This is why you should choose quality audiovisual equipment for your event from AVLS.

Don’t Forget Your Event Furniture Rentals from Modern

Modern LED bar furniture (1)While having your camera, lights, and stage are critical for show time, don’t forget about giving your attendees a place to sit! Thankfully, AVLS partners with Modern Event Rentals so your event furniture rental options are taken care of easily.

Proud to partner with the leading event furniture rental company in Chicago, Modern is able to supply event furniture rentals nationwide just like AVLS can. Their in-house shipping service allows your event rentals to arrive safely and on time.

All with chic, modern styling, Modern’s wide selection of custom-made furniture is sure to stun your guests. Check out their full selection, including LED bar furniture, to see what event rental furniture will be at your gathering!

Choose Your Chicago Lighting Rental From AVLS Rentals

With locations in Atlanta, Austin, Detroit, Memphis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, and St. Louis, AVLS Rentals extends its premier event Chicago lighting rental services to the rest of the nation as well.

At AVLS, we understand that the highest quality products provide the best results, which is why we only supply cutting-edge products to keep things simple, effective, and reliable for our customers.

For 20 years and counting, we’ve been committed to providing our clients with the best event rental services, and we always strive to provide the best solution for your event dreams.

So if you’re searching the internet for “event lighting rental near me”, look no more! Reach out to our team today to learn how AVLS Rentals can help your next event shine.

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