Why Choose An AVLS Chicago Projector Rental For Your Event

Hey, Chicago it’s your friends at AVLS we heard you need help taking your corporate event to the next level. AVLS Rentals offers cutting-edge technology rentals, like our Chicago projector rentals, and custom designs to create memorable events of all sizes. Our audio, video, and lighting equipment allows for endless ways to entertain your guests. 

One of the most popular rentals, which is sure to take your event to the next level, is our high-performing rental projectors. Not sure how you could use it at your event? Well, we’ve put together a list of reasons why you should choose an AVLS Chicago rental projector for your next event, and how to use it! 

You may know Chicago as the “Windy City”, but what you don’t know is that Chicago is also known for being one of the best places to host an event, and having the best event rentals. The city has the best convention facility in North America, The McCormick Place. Chicago is a popular event location because it is also home to the best audio, video, and lighting equipment rental company AVLS. 

AVLS Works With a Variety of Events in Chicago 

There are a variety of different events hosted in the Chicagoland area. Some of these events include trade shows, conventions, corporate retreats, exhibitions, and more! The list goes on and on. This city is truly built to host events. 

Currently, Chicago has over 150 hotels, 7,000 restaurants, a variety of unique event venues, iconic event attractions, and more, it’s no wonder Chicago is a favorite meeting and event destination among event professionals looking to host the best event.

There are many factors that go into creating a memorable event for your guests, and while you might think about it, video equipment like our overhead projector rentals are some of the most important things to consider. Keep reading for inspirational ideas on how to use a rental projector at your next event. 

How To Use an AVLS Projector Rental At your Next Corporate Event 

Projector From AVLS Being Used At A Corporate Event

Each event can use a rental projector differently. The possibilities are endless. Don’t worry, our event specialists will help you pick out an ideal projector rental to give your meeting, trade show, or exhibit a clear, high-quality display. 

Your video equipment rental experts are here to help by providing a starting point on how you can use a Chicago projector rental for your event.

Trade Shows & Overhead Projector Rentals

The competition at trade shows can be quite intimidating, so stand out with a rental projector. A projector from AVLS can help you share your brand’s unique story. Showcasing pictures and videos on a projector can attract people from one booth to yours.

Projectors are a great way to showcase testimonials and products in use. Which will ultimately help your company and brand stand out amongst the crowd.

Be Unique at Your Convention With A Rental Projector From AVLS

Conventions bring people together to discuss and engage in a common interest. Conventions can be overwhelming and are filled with tons of valuable information. That’s why renting an AVLS projector will make your booth or exhibit unique. 

Show off your company’s logo, testimonials, and more on our high-definition rental projectors. According to Thermopylae Sciences and Technology, a leading provider of advanced visualization solutions, states “ The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual”.

Meaning at a busy convention portraying your most valuable information on a projector will likely be processed faster and remembered easier. 

Chicago Rental Projectors Unite and Inspire Teams at Corporate Retreats

Corporate retreats are always a fun and educational time for business and their team members.  

Using projector rentals at corporate retreats unites and inspires business teams.

For example,, using a rental projector from AVLS allows you to showcase successful projects with your whole team, and provides a visual guide for games and team-building discussions. 

Projectors are a great way to learn more about employees and your company through videos and presentations. But more importantly, are perfect for a movie night. At your next corporate retreat pack some popcorn, and grab a rental projector from AVLS.

Reasons To Choose from AVLS Chicago Projector Rental Options:


1. Variety of Chicago Rental Projector Options at AVLS

AVLS Chicago Projector Rental OptionsFind the perfect rental projector for your event from AVLS’s variety of options. AVLS Rentals provides several high-performance projectors with full HD displays. Our event specialists will help you pick out an ideal projector for your event or vision. 


The PowerLite 2250U projector brings brilliant high-definition performance to nearly any corporate event or conference room, with native WUXGA resolution for displays up to 300″, Full HD 1080p support for true-to-life images, and optional wireless networking. 


Built for office meeting rooms, conference rooms, and hotel meeting rooms. The IN119HDx projector is designed to deliver a bright picture. The projector creates an image powerful enough to combat moderate ambient light. One of AVLS’ easiest rental projectors.


The InFocus IN124STx short throw projector combines short throw, high brightness, networking, and low cost – making it perfect for a small exhibition, trade show, or office. 

2. AVLS Has Experience Working With Projector Rentals Across The Country

AVLS has experience working with projector rentals across the country. We’ve answered Des Moines projector rental requests to Milwaukee projector rental requests and everywhere in between. 

Each of our clients, even those across the country,  receives individualized attention and a custom-designed event that reflects their unique ideas. 

3. AVLS Has The Best Projector Rental Delivery Options

Renting event equipment if you don’t have it on hand, can be a challenge. Not only must you find the right style of equipment, but make sure it’s delivered on time.  You don’t want to be stuck cutting your delivery time too close to the event, or paying a surcharge for shipping and handling. 

By choosing an event equipment rental company like AVLS Rentals you can ensure that everything gets delivered on time, and minimize spikes in shipping costs due to fuel prices or other unforeseen factors.

We have an in-house delivery team that makes sure you get your event equipment like our rental projectors on time, and in the condition you expect. For more information on our delivery service check out our informational blog on 5 Reasons To Choose an Event Rental Company with Delivery Services

4. Expect Great Customer Service on Your Projector Rentals From AVLS

AVLS Rental Stage and Rental Projector Set Up With Blue Background

Creating a memorable event is what AVLS Rentals is all about. We work with businesses nationwide, listening to their unique ideas to create the exact atmosphere they have envisioned. 

At AVLS we have a dedicated line for customer support to make sure that our event rental experts answer any questions you have about your projector rental. Whether you want to know if the PowerLite 2250U projector rental will maintain the right definition from the mount distance at your venue, or if the  IN119HDx projector rental will work for your trade show booth, we can provide the answers to any questions you have!

Our team is here to help make sure that your event goes off successfully. With customer service that is second to none, AVLS Rentals strives to exceed your expectations for every event.

Order Your Chicago Projector Rental Today!

No matter the event, AVLS Rentals works hard to bring you the best service and quality video display solutions that will take your event to the next level! 

Chicago, get ready to host the most memorable and exciting event to date. Our projector rentals are perfect for your event. Don’t forget when you hire AVLS Rentals you get excellent customer service, rental equipment that’s delivered to your event, and a variety of Chicago projector rental options.

Contact AVLS today to learn more about video equipment rental options, like our popular projector rentals!


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