Why You Should Have Quality AudioVisual Equipment

Why You Should Have Quality Audio Visual Equipment

There are many factors that go into creating a memorable event for your guests, and while you might think about it, lighting and Audio Visual Equipment are some of the most important things to consider. Your guests will want to see and hear everything clearly so they can enjoy the event. We have some simple tips to remember when planning your event, and reserving equipment.

Lighting Is Crucial

Using lights can help create a great atmosphere and highlight specific details of your event. The lighting you choose to use can build the ambiance and set the tone for the event. If you want a swanky and elegant event, it might be best to choose dim and relaxing lighting. On the other hand, if your event is upbeat and fun, you might want to choose colored lighting to match the upbeat tone. Colored lights can complement an event’s theme very well.

  • Bonus Tip: Blue, purple and red lights work well for evening events and ceremonies, while yellow and white lights are better for meetings and conferences.

Display Your Message

The AVLS Rentals team can assist you with the right lighting for your event, from spotlights to LED and conventional lighting. Our experts know which lighting fixtures will work best in venues with a stage, which lights emit less heat and allow guests to remain cool and comfortable on stage.

When planning the layout for your event, where the tables and chairs are going and how the stage will be set up, it’s also important to think about having some screens and LCD displays around the room or venue to display a logo, presentations, videos, and pictures. If you’re expecting a lot of guests at your event, consider having multiple screens spread out through the venue so attendees can view the presentation from the speaker or pictures from anywhere in the venue.

  • Bonus Tip: The AVLS Rentals team suggests having a large LED screen as a backdrop or projector to play a presentation or project a logo for large meetings and conferences.

Quality Sound For An Event

Once your lighting equipment is decided on, it’s time to start considering your audio equipment. At AVLS Rentals, we analyze the size of the venue, the purpose of the event, the size of the audience and if the event is indoors or outdoors to provide the best solutions. It’s important to reserve high-quality microphones and speakers to ensure the sound is clear for event attendees to understand.

  • Bonus Tip: If you’re hosting a large event, consider hiring a team like AVLS Rentals to help you handle the audiovisual aspects.

At AVLS Rentals, we have quality speakers, microphones and mixers to provide a great audio mix. Our team can set up audio equipment for any private event, conference or trade show.

Test Your Rental Equipment

Once you have your audio visual equipment at the venue and it’s set up, it’s important to test everything a few days before the event simply to work through any issues that may arise. We suggest leaving time between the soundcheck and the event to ensure there is time to fix any problems if any should come up.

When testing your microphones and speakers, we suggest having your team stand in various spots around the room and listen to see if they can hear you speaking into the microphone. Also, ensure the lights are working properly, and there’s no blown fuse or blinking spotlight. If you’re using a projector or display monitors, ensure they’re plugged in properly and in focus.

Based in Chicago, AVLS Rentals can bring our rentals to any city in the United States with nationwide shipping. Our knowledge of event design and cutting edge technology helps us to create a specific feel for your event, leaving your guests with a memorable experience. Contact AVLS Rentals today to reserve your audio and lighting equipment for your next event.

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